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3 Steps to Student Success

Get your students started now, on the soft-skills that are demanded by the workforce.

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Teacher Development

I Have Soft Skills?

The simple truth is that many students have no idea what their soft skills are and how to use them to their best advantage.

Without guidance and training in soft skills, students will have little focus in their studies and even less in their career. They are wasting time and energy on strategies that don’t suit them.

That lack of focus increases the likelihood that a student will not do well at school or have a successful career.

Self-Awareness Will Help

The soft skills, those intangibles that are often called social-emotional intelligence, can help students immediately and stay with them for the rest of their lives.

  • Higher Grades

  • Fewer Absences

  • Fewer Disciplinary Problems

  • Higher High School Graduation rates

  • Higher College Attendance rates

  • Overall higher educational attainment

  • Employers see critically needed soft skills often lacking

Gain a Unique Picture of
How Your Students Think

Our process utilizes a unique combination of tried and true methods for helping students determine who they are across multiple models of personality, behavior and social psychology.

The Science

Assessment Activities

Our process and assessment features many different types of activities, that have been specially crafted to ensure students and staff enjoy an accurate and entertaining experience from start to finish.

Example Activity

It’s Easy To Get Up And Running

From sign-up all the way to actually consulting with students, we’ve simplified the process and we’re here to help along the way.

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Teacher Development

For Teachers

The Reports

Your students get their initial starting Verification report on themselves. Once they have verified that they have a great best-fit that aligns with who they are uniquely, they get more advanced reports to assist them At School and In Life.

Counselors and Teachers get their very own separate reports, expressly designed to help them help the student. An Insight report and a Mentoring & Development report.

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Self-Aware Student is

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