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Build and customize your perfect reports.

  • Multiple Psychological Models – There are statistical, scientific and counseling advantages to using multiple psychological models.

  • Mobile and print friendly – Not only will your reports look great on desktop, they resize on mobile devices of any screen size. Prefer paper? Hit print and it will include a Table of Contents and print beautifully.
  • Multiple Authors – Build your reports using the best content from multiple authors, allowing a dynamic feel and rich experience for every report you provide.

Send easy, entertaining, and accurate activities

  • High Accuracy from Multiple Activity Types – Our wizards and assessments feature many different types activities to make the digital best-fit more accurate as well as entertaining to complete.

  • Mobile Ready – Our activities are built for mobile first, and tested to ensure ease of use across many devices. Just send them a link and they will be able to complete it wherever it suits them best!

  • Help is Available – Every activity includes direction in an easy-to-access help pop-out. This helps keep the focus on the activity ensuring your students won’t feel confused.

Align with your school’s process

  • Multiple Reports – Make as many different reports as you need. There are no limits on the number of reports allowed.

  • Customizable Introduction – Customize the introduction to all Activities and Reports. You can customize the title, too, of course!

  • Control who gets which report or activity – Easily deliver different reports and activities to individuals or groups!

Showcase your school’s identity

  • YOUR School’s Name – All reports and activities will display your school’s name. We also ensure your school’s name displays on your invitation page.

  • YOUR School’s Logo – All your reports display your school’s logo in the upper right. And not to worry, you can update your logo at any time.

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