A Benefit Corporation

Step Research Corporation is a Benefit Corporation.

What does being a Benefit Corporation mean?

A Benefit Corporation is a new type of corporation that uses the power of business to solve social and environmental problems. We are committed to holding ourselves to higher standards. As a Benefit Corporation, Step Research makes decisions that are good for society and for our stakeholders, not just our shareholders. For an ordinary corporation, the need to create value and profit for shareholders legally overrides all other moral or ethical concerns or concerns for the customers. Benefit corporations give stakeholders as much legal power as shareholders.

We define our stakeholders as our customers, employees, clients, and anyone using our services. This means that when we decide what to do with our customers’ and clients’ data, we consider what would our stakeholders want us to do with their data, not just benefit our shareholders. A business need for profit will never override our morals and values as it might in an ordinary corporation which has a legal obligation to profit for its shareholders.

For more information about Benefit Corporations and B Corporation Certifications, we recommend you go to BenefitCorp.net for a good overview and more detail. Additionally, see Wikipedia.

Psychology software the way we do it

  • Respect customers’ psychology and privacy
    Customers should feel secure and safe.

  • Our roots are research and development and that should always be reflected in our activities
    A research-focus on the self and each person’s vital relationships.
  • Meet our customers where they are
    Put things in everyday language, appreciating differences in developmental level, readiness to accept new information, and preferred gender pronouns.
  • Seek the best model for a situation or context
    Draw from the many psychological, sociological, anthropological or economic theorists and models leveraging where they touch on people, how they interact together, the organization group and operation of the psyche.
    Never overcommit to one theorist or model.
  • Psychology is useless if it doesn’t help people grow and change their behavior
    Promote a growth mindset, people can grow and change and improve.
  • A focus on what can help people
    Don’t tell people what they can or can’t do.
    Present people with data on possible challenges rather than label them.
    Don’t expose people’s limitations without also including guidance on managing or mitigating these through new strategies or attitudes.
  • Respect each person’s individuality
    Don’t lock people in a box.
    Show them how categories can be useful without feeling constraining.
  • Contextualize the insights offered

    Encourage people to consider the broader whole.
    See people in all their complexity: their circumstances, the culture in which they are embedded, their demographic characteristics, values, life experiences, etc…
    Acknowledge, incorporate and start with each individual’s unique history, who they are interacting with, and the dynamics of that relationship.

  • Leverage and utilize others’ great work

    Gain their permission and partner with them to make their work even better.
    We don’t force our partners to only work with us.

Meet The Authors

We scour the world and different fields of science to find the best of psychology, education, sociology, counseling and other people sciences to find what will work best for students and staff.

Our experts have spent years becoming the best in their field of expertise. Often spending decades refining their research and testing it in the real world. You can count on proven results.

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Who We Are

Our individual journeys brought us to be a part of Self-Aware Student and Step Research Corporation. We each have our own unique scientific and individual strengths that combine to make us a greater team.

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Step Research integrates the power of technology and behavioral science (including psychology, sociology, neuroscience, anthropology, personality, economics, political science, and communication studies) into people’s everyday lives in ways that help them understand themselves and others, enhance communication and interaction, take proactive and positive action with others, encourage self-development and personal progress, and preserve a unique behavioral identify and privacy.

The Company fosters and develops a variety of research and development opportunities to enhance the scientific fields and create products relating to the above; donate and provide additional free or at cost services to educational groups, institutions and individuals.