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Our pricing is Pay-What-You-Can. When you sign-up your school or institution, you tell us what your budget will allow, and that’s what you’ll pay.
Yes, even free.

Our Recommended Pricing

Includes all Students over 13, all Teachers, and all Staff

You can still use this for teachers and staff in elementary, middle school, or where students are not over 13yrs.

High School


Most schools are paying
more than $2,575

Community College


Most schools are paying
more than $11,750

Full University


Most schools are paying
more than $15,125

Small Institutions*


Most schools are paying
more than $1,625

Our pricing is an annual subscription, and is shown in USD. 
You can select your own currency when you register your organization.

$0 for US Title 1 Schools
More on US ESSA Grants >

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* Small Institutions can include teacher and staff in elementary schools, specific university departments, trade schools, or other similarly sized educational institutions.

All Organizations Receive:

  • Unlimited student, teacher, and staff accounts
  • All accounts receive default reports and wizard activities

  • The Best-Fit Wizard assigned to all accounts, easily completed after account creation

  • 4 professionally crafted student reports with pre-written instructional introductions

  • 2 expert-reviewed staff reports ideal for one-on-one counseling and mentoring

  • Access to many more special report sections that account managers can add to existing reports or…

  • Make new reports using 50+ available report sections, to suit your school and your students
  • School Identity – adjust your school name and add your school logo – which displays on all reports

  • Full access to our online documentation, ever expanding video library, and email and phone support.

  • Simple checklist for a school to get started

  • Student and Staff work and data is fully backed up and saved

  • Each grouping of students or staff can have it’s own unique link to send to people via email, texting or school electronic communication platform.

  • Unique visual methods to show how people think, gather information and make decisions.

  • Quick search features for staff

  • Easily bundle students into many different groups to fit the schools process or specific teachers needs

  • Help links on all pages

  • Direct email and phone support options for staff and students

  • An ever growing library from carefully curated authors and experts

  • Thousands of pages of power content and research curated into bite size pieces.

  • Easily accessible from anywhere with an internet connection

  • Easy to use from home and school

  • Students can get their reports and advice from anywhere if they have their phone and internet

  • Utilizing the latest research on how to help students find best-fit

  • Contextual help options in many application areas

  • If a person is interrupted while doing an activity or wizard, they can pick up right where they left off.

  • Multiple scientific models, each with different strengths, to give staff and students the best tool for the right situation

  • Activities use game like elements to help students be engaged

  • Special visual icons to help students and staff work through reports

  • Highly secure website and app

  • Careful construction of student options to reduce chances of over sharing

  • Detailed links and information about authors to help skeptical students buy-in to the process and expertise of the authors.

  • Individual data privacy and control

  • School logo shows up from first interaction with students

  • Game like activities to keep students engaged

  • Using each student’s name and preferred gender pronouns in their reports

  • Easily print reports and activities

  • Customized development activities for each student

  • Customized mentoring advice for staff to give students to be more effective

  • We don’t tell students what they can or cannot do, instead what will be be easier and more natural versus harder and feel uncomfortable

  • Laptop, tablet and phone friendly.

  • Best-Fit wizards can be done multiple times to help a student get their best-fit

  • Students get extra verification steps to help them find their best-fit and be comfortable with their results

  • Activities to find best-fit also help students understand mental diversity.

  • Additional detailed information can be accessed at will from many areas of the reports

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Teacher Development

Every teacher has different talents, strengths, and “superpowers” they bring to the table.

Self-Aware Student includes a very special Development Package for teachers, principles, and other school leaders.

Learn More

Our Philosophy and Vision

When institutions pay the full price, they get the exact same product as every other institution. The difference is that they are not only paying their own way, they are also helping fellow schools and organizations that cannot.

We know that not every school will have the budget to be able to pay the full recommended price. By offering Pay-What-You-Can pricing, we make it possible for all educational institutions to benefit from the life-changing aspects of self-awareness, knowing those that can pay are doing so to make sure everyone can be included.

Ease of Use

Ready To Go Out Of The Box

Self-Aware Student is built to get your entire institution rolling quickly. Pre-built reports, standard emails, and straightforward guidance make getting started simple. You can be confident that you are executing tried and true methods.

Straightforward language

The authors have dedicated time to ensure the content in our reports is crafted with a down-to-earth tone. Written to be easy to understand so that anyone can get to know the concepts presented as they learn about themselves and develop self-awareness.

Easy to Update To Fit Your School’s Process

Each school is unique. We understand the importance of being able to craft a process that fits your needs. Edit reports, their introductions, groups, and even add your organization’s logo – all with a few clicks.

Understanding Each Unique Student

Understanding each unique teacher too – Learn More >

Each Student Gets Their Own Unique Reports

Four separate reports, each customized to the student themselves, are available for every student as they go through the process.

Advice and Tips At The Ready for Counselors and Staff

Special reports, made especially for the staff working with your students, are full of advice, tips, and mentoring guidance specific to each student.

Homework Activities Tailored for Each Student

Print out special activities that can be done on a student’s own time, for the counselor and student to discuss later. These special activities make it a more active and personal development experience.

Top Experts and PhD’s Brought Together

Proven and Tested Science

Our experts have spent years becoming the best in their field of expertise. They have often spent decades refining their research and testing it the real world. You can count on proven results for your students.

The Right Psychology for the Right Situation

You don’t want to use just one tool for every situation that comes up with students. You need different psychological tools and approaches for different situations.

The Best for Education

We scour the world and different fields of science to find the best of psychology, education, sociology, counseling and other people sciences to find what will work best for students and staff.

Self-Awareness Helps Students
Do Better in Many Areas of Life

Self-Awareness Helps Students
Do Better in Learning & Studying

Improved Learning & Studying

Knowing oneself means working well inside one’s head. After all, the learning and studying we do is all going to the same place – our brains.

  • Even a quick understanding of one’s preference for extroversion vs. introversion can help increase the success of time spent learning!

Self-Awareness Helps Students
Do Better in Interactions with Others

Better Interactions with Teachers and Other Students

The more a student understands that other people are rarely trying to be difficult, they are just different from the student, the easier interactions get.

  • Even without the differences being described, just the simple realization above pays dividends in interactions.

Self-Awareness Helps Students
Do Better in Close Relationships

Building Positive Relationships

Positive interactions with teachers, families and other students have been proven to help students build a resilient support network, a key to success when life gets tough.

  • Every close confidant significantly increases the speed of bounce back from emotional and personal setbacks.

Self-Awareness Helps Students
Do Better in Work and Lifelong Careers

Navigating What Kinds of Careers Will Be Fulfilling and Rewarding

The most important skills students can develop in finding careers have less to do with the specific career and way more to do with the kinds of environments in which they thrive.

  • Telling a student they may like being a nurse is not as valuable as telling them what kind of environments they will thrive in, from the fast paced, high pressure environment of an emergency room to the careful patience of recovery work.

A Holistic Approach to Empowering Everyone Involved.

Students, teachers, staff, counselors, deans, principles, and parents all benefit from better understanding themselves and their peers.

Everyone in your institution can be invited to do a 25 minute activity and review their reports.

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