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Our individual pricing is a lifetime subscription, and is in USD.

Any student or teacher at a Title 1 School, can get this for free since all Title 1 Schools can signup for free.

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All Individual Purchases Receive:

  • The Best-Fit Wizard, easily completed after purchase at any time
  • 7 professionally crafted student reports with pre-written instructional introductions
  • 2 expert-reviewed reports ideal for one-on-one counselors and mentors
  • Full access to our online documentation, ever expanding video library, and email and phone support.

  • Unique visual methods to show how people think, gather information and make decisions.

  • Laptop, tablet and phone friendly.

  • Customized mentoring advice for parents and mentors to give students to be more effective

  • Customized development activities
  • Easily print reports and activities

  • Using your name and preferred gender pronouns in their reports

  • Help links on all pages

  • Direct email and phone support options
  • Thousands of pages of power content and research curated into bite size pieces.

  • Easily accessible from anywhere with an internet connection

  • Easy to use from home and school

  • Students can get their reports and advice from anywhere if they have their phone and internet

  • Utilizing the latest research on how to help students find best-fit

  • If a person is interrupted while doing an activity or wizard, they can pick up right where they left off.

  • Activities use game like elements to help students be engaged

  • Special visual icons to help students and staff work through reports

  • Highly secure website and app

  • Careful construction of student options to reduce chances of over sharing

  • Detailed links and information about authors to help skeptical students buy-in to the process and expertise of the authors.

  • Individual data privacy and control

  • School logo shows up from first interaction with students

  • Game like activities to keep students engaged

  • We don’t tell students what they can or cannot do, instead what will be be easier and more natural versus harder and feel uncomfortable

  • Students get extra verification steps to help them find their best-fit and be comfortable with their results

  • Activities to find best-fit also help students understand mental diversity.

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