Start the Teacher Experience

Virtual and Physical
Classroom Methods

Every teacher has different talents, strengths, and “superpowers” they bring to the table.

Along with each unique combination comes specific blind spots and stressors that make the job harder. The more teachers that are self-aware about who they are and how to leverage their talents then the easier the job will be and the more effective they will be as educators.

Based on each teacher’s unique combination there are specific methods they can use that will enhance their effectiveness in both virtual and physical classrooms.

3 Steps to Greater Success for Teachers

It’s Easy To Get Up And Running

From sign-up all the way to actually your continuing teach development, we’ve simplified the process and we’re here to help along the way.

Includes a 2-hour
Webinar in Step 5

All teachers and staff gain access to a full 2-hour webinar as part of the complete Teacher Development package.

This full session trains teachers on the methods they can easily use in their virtual and physical classrooms.

Get Started

This Educator system is available for educators at all school levels k-12 and post-secondary education.

IMPORTANT: While this system is intended for both educators and students, the software specifically for students is not available for students age 13 and younger. In schools serving students pre-high school or age 13, only the teacher and educator parts of the system are available.

Extra Notes For United States schools:

  • This program is intended to meet the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) Title II requirements.
  • Schools that have Title I grants, this program is fully available for free.
  • When this program is used in conjunction with the student components it may additionally meet Title IV requirements.